Your Love Style According To Your Zodiac Sign

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So much of who we are and how we think can be connected to our zodiac sign. So, how does your zodiac sign love?


Aries In Love: Will love extremely hard and a deep connection is important. They can’t see themselves with anyone else when the love is real and growing.



Understanding Taurus In Love: When it comes to life, Taurus believes actions speak louder than words. When it comes to love, this is definitely their mantra. Taurus loves rather deeply as they choose to translate their love through their actions. Did you say you needed something from the store? Taurus will get it. Remember that book you said you loved? Taurus will surprise you with it. When Taurus recognizes that they truly love and trust you, their love is free flowing, sincere and at times, very innocent. There’s only one potential problem. Taurus inherently expects the love they dispense to be reciprocated and to the degree that they gave it. When it’s not, it takes a huge toll on them and they shut down. On one hand, Taurus uninhibited approach to love is beautiful, pure and should never change. On the other hand, it’s important to recognize the value of communication. Yes Taurus, I know words don’t nearly communicate your needs and desires. This may come to a surprise, but Taurus is not going to demand your love. If you want to know how a Taurus wants to be loved, pay attention to the way that they love you.

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Gemini: In Love They are very enchanting and it will almost seem like they’ve cast a spell on you. They are more casual and friendly in love rather than hot and passionate. While they desire love and support, they need stimulation and novelty above all else. To bore them is a death wish. To control them is a death wish. In love, they need someone who can satisfy them on both the mental, emotional, and sexual planes.



Cancer In Love: You are never a fool in love. When you fall, you fall hard but you’re still cautious. When it comes to love, you are looking for a true partner. You are attracted to people who carry their weight and are ambitious and driven. You’re a fantastic listener, and when you’re in love, you’re great at being your soulmate’s number one cheerleader. You have a great sense of humor and never stop making your partner laugh.



Leo In Love: You have no problem finding love, thanks to your magnetic energy, charisma, self-confidence and warmth. You’re a loyal partner, and when you fall in love, you fall hard. You definitely like your freedom, but once you lock on to someone, you’re in for the long haul. You can get a bit jealous and territorial. You value love above all else, and you need to be reminded of how much you are adored. You do have a bit of an ego, but that’s actually sort of a lovable quality.


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Virgo In Love: In love, they are almost often misunderstood because they try to keep a tight rein on their passions and emotions even if they have a ton of feelings fiercely surging. In fact, they seem very enigmatic because of this. While they may be wildly attracted to you, they may still have a sense of aloofness. Their body may say come closer, but their manners put up a shield. However, they are far from timid, they just prefer not to be extremely obvious.



Libra In Love: Will become addicted to everything about you, not in an obsessive way but in a way that shows they’re really into you.



Scorpio In Love: Love is a big deal for them, and they never take it lightly. Flirtation is okay, but when they are in love, they want it all. When in love, they are at their most vulnerable because they know that the other person will hold all the cards. They are also quite possessive but will generally have it under control until it is really needed. Their love is very strong and lasting and may never really truly fade away even after they’ve moved on.



Sagittarius In Love: They glow when they are in love. Their naturally enthusiastic and vibrant attitude is amplified when they are in love. They find being in love wonderful and exciting, but they do not take it overly too serious. It’s not the end of the world if they get rejected, but they do feel wounded when a romance is over. However, they know life means moving forward and that each new love is a learning experience. More than anything they want a true soul companion.



Capricorn In Love: Unlike most people, they rarely fall in love at first sight. When they take an interest, they will observe from an emotional distance before moving closer. They prefer to take the time to get to know them before considering getting attached. In love, they are cautious and are lead by commonsense because happiness in love is seriously crucial to them. Besides all the typical things they want in a partner, they want to be understood more than anything.

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Aquarius In Love: When it comes to love, Aquarius is very sensitive because they love extremely hard.



Pisces In Love: In love, they want to be needed, and they also want to unite in an almost mystical otherworldly connection. Emotionally, they want to get lost in someone else yet still remain uniquely themselves. When they are in love, their daydreaming intensifies and will often be seen in a dreamlike state. While they are intuitive, they never pick someone on a whim. They are captivating and expressive in love, and they deeply want someone to connect with.



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