What Does September Have In Store For You?


Fall is almost here, welcome to September! It’s been a roller coaster of a ride this summer but with Mercury Retrograde over on September 5th, it’s almost over. September is a fantastic month to set and accomplish those goals, take action now. The Universe is on your side!


Close your eyes, take a second to ground yourself then choose a card below. Which card are you drawn to? Which one is pulling you in? This card is your message for September.




Which card do you choose? Card 1, 2, or 3?






Card 1 ~ Truth

The qualities of this card illustrate spiritual awakening, clarity, the revelation of truth, and cosmic consciousness. At times, it takes a wake up call to get your attention and show how far you need to go. This card comes forth to do just that. Evaluation of the past, along with the lessons that you’ve learned or still need to understand, must now be a top priority. Doing so will enable you to forgive, accept, and heal so you can move forward in a balanced, spiritual mind set.

The truth card reminds you that significant change must be made in a certain area of your life. But don’t make any hasty decisions; take your time, for any choices or alterations must be weighed and evaluated with the most careful and wisest of judgments. Whatever steps you take now will have far reaching consequences, more than you’ll ever know.

Using powers of the Universe and blending them with a little help from the physical world will assist you in bringing about clarity and a shift of awareness. What was not once obvious will now be realized and understood. Be honest with yourself and trust what you know to be true.


Card 2 ~ Recognition & Reward

A reward for a job well done is what this card represents. It’s a time of recognition for a completed project, hard work, skill, expertise, and craftsmanship. These abilities are now being honored, but don’t forget to also pay homage to yourself. Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it!

This card also comes forth to represent a family or group of people coming together, all of whom are aiming and striving toward a common goal. Accept the help that’s being offered. More possibilities are in the works, so be sure to lay a solid foundation from your past achievements, and this will help you be ready for the next opportunity. In addition, this card is a reminder to take care of your physical body; after all, it’s what carries your soul around in this material world.


Card 3 ~ Solitude

Stop! Your soul is calling out and needs to be honored and heard. The answers you seek aren’t necessarily found in the outer world. The time has come for you to step back and withdraw from outside commotion. The Solitude Card is a reminder of how important it is to pause, still the mind, meditate, reflect, reevaluate, and discover the wisdom and answers within the very soul of your being. When you become more aware of your soul and heart, you strengthen the link to the Divine Source; and you’re able to once again remember your true perfection. Meet your soul halfway and schedule some alone time to commune with your soul and also to give the power of spirit the opportunity to reinvigorate you with life force and vitality.

Conserve your energy and deal with one thing at a time as you follow the prompts from within. When it comes to moments of quiet, inner solitude, it really isn’t about quantity; it’s the quality that counts. The soul constantly draws to itself what it needs in order to learn and grow. For example, during this period, someone may step into your life and by sharing his or her own experiences, you may receive helpful insight and wisdom into your own.


Happy September, have a blessed month!


Interested in learning more about the deck I used?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland





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