September 2017 Tarot Reading

A few days ago, I posted a spread featuring an Oracle card deck. I recently purchased a new Tarot deck and thought it would be fun to post another forecast for September.

Instructions are the same, just relax and ground yourself. Allow yourself to be drawn to the card, this will be the message you are seeking.

Are you ready?





Which card do you choose? Card 1 (far left), card 2 (middle), or card 3 (far right).







Card 1 ~ Three of Cups (The Argo)

To the ancients, the constellation Argo Navis was the great ship that carried the Argonauts on their search for the Golden Fleece. The Argo is the vessel that symbolizes leaving familial ground and encountering life outside our safety zone. But it also reminds us that when we relate to others outside the familial circle we unwittingly replay family patterns. The Three of Cups marks the maturing and acceptance of feelings that are necessary for a successful relationship. When the Three of Cups appears in a spread the unconscious is alerting us to the complexity of feelings which love ignites.


Card 2 ~ VII The Chariot (Cancer, The Mother and the Hero)

This card depicts a mythic fragment of Hera suckling the infant Heracles. Ironically Hera was the hero’s fiercest adversary, yet his name means the “glory of Hera.” To her left is another mythic Mother, the Great She-Wolf, the foster Mother who reared the twins Romulus and Remus. Astrologically Cancer is the nurturer, the caring Mother and the familial alembic, however, the astronomical myth underlying Cancer reminds us of another dimension of this archetype. The myth describes the heroic struggle to separate from the all-pervading atmosphere of attachments that prohibits us from moving out into the world. The card suggests that it is imperative to take rein of the emotional life and purposely direct it forward. Inertia needs to be overcome to glimpse the horizon of possibilities.


Card 3 ~ Five of Swords (Pegasus)

From the severed head of the Gorgon Medusa the winged horse Pegasus was born. Released from the curse Athena had placed upon his Mother, Pegasus accepted his place on Olympus. Underpinning the myth is the conflict between Athena’s rational intellect and Medusa’s vulnerability. Similarly, the astrological correspondences of Mercury and Aquarius suggest enlightened perceptions and far-sightedness, however these may also eclipse feelings of resignation and uncertainty. The card suggests that clarity of thought emerges out of a difficult situation when darker feelings conflict or a sense of vulnerability and uncertainty have been acknowledged.



Want to learn more about the deck I used?

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