Monthly Tarot Forecast ~ October 2017

Welcome to October! October is my favorite month as it is my month of birth. It’s also when it really starts to feel and look like fall. October is a month when things start to align in your life and all those goals you made earlier in the year begin to manifest. Are you ready? I know I am!

This three card tarot spread represents your blessings, challenges, and actions you should take during the month of October.


October Blessings

Fulfillment of Wishes ~ This card represents emotional satisfaction, contentment, and enjoyment. Your wishes are coming true! Are you ready? Happiness, success, good health, completion, and accomplishment of your dreams and goals are in the palm of your hand. This card acts as a reminder to hold on to the beneficial feelings from accepting to receiving what you’ve asked or strived for. Know that these will assist you in the future when you may need inspiration and positive energy.

This is the right time to heal those past memories that have been holding you hostage. Forgive others and yourself so that your wishes, desires, and goals have a clear, unobstructed path to your heart, soul, and life.


October Challenges

Suffering in Silence ~ The number 9 denotes completion. Are you finally ready to let go of those limiting, negative beliefs, or are you allowing the issues in your life to become bigger than they really are? Your mind has been doing quite a job on you lately, and even your dreams may be trying to get your attention. When you learn to let go of the worry, despair, and sense of hopelessness, a positive new way or path will be shown to you.

This card follows the “Trapped in Fear” number 8 card; when your fears aren’t confronted, your mental anguish will continue. This is a reminder to take action and trust that your soul and power of spirit will grasp you firmly by the hand and guide you, but you must take the first step toward healing and let go of the mental distress. Don’t suffer in silence, reach out for the help that’s available.


Recommended Actions for October

Temptation ~ Through this card, addictions and self limiting behaviors are being addressed. This is a time when you or someone else in your life may be placing too much emphasis on the material physical world and it’s pleasures.

Even though we’re all born connected to the Divine Source, we have a tendency to pull away from what was once natural. When we become disconnected from spirit, the source that once nourished us, it’s often replaced with a different supply or substitute. In other words, the connection is then forged with food, alcohol, nicotine, codependency to someone, or even work. Many of us spend our lives trying to fill the void that was created when the link to the Divine was broken.

The Temptation Card is calling you to take a hard look at your life and ask yourself: Where in my life am I suffering from addictive behavior? Is there negative thinking or behavior that’s causing the life force to seep out of my soul? Are the people and relationships in my life giving me energy, or are they draining it?

Learn to embrace your fears and all of your doubts so that every situation in your life becomes a learning experience. Gaining the knowledge that the physical world teaches will help you transcend to a higher spiritual awareness.



I wish everyone a happy, healthy, blessed October!


The deck I used was The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland. Highly recommend this deck as I always get accurate readings for myself and for others.



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