The Month of Possibilities – Your August 2017 Monthly Forecast



Welcome to the month of August! August is a powerful month for manifesting those goals and setting new ones for the reminder of the year. Stay focused and most importantly, stay positive. Have a blessed month!



Beginning of the month:


Patience – This card signifies the need for patience, self-control, adjustment, moderation and balance when dealing with others, as well as yourself. This could be in the areas of how you think and how you work; and how you handle school, recreation, the people in your life, or the spiritual path that is set before you. As a soul, you have more than one aspect of yourself to draw on for support. It’s all about integration and learning to blend and balance both the physical and the spiritual. You’re an ethereal being in a physical body enjoying a human experience. Therefore, since you’re both, you should honor all of you. If you go through life denying yourself of combining these aspects, you’re missing out on so much of what the world has to offer. Why accept a life that’s half lived?

The Patience card reminds you to open your heart and your mind; and allow yourself to listen to other people’s ideas, thoughts, and perspectives. Blissful harmony can be achieved when everyone learns to work as one, all benefit. Listening, sharing, and reaching out will help you renew your faith in yourself and humankind. You’ll become more aware of the miracles around you as well as the ones that you have a hand in creating.



Middle of the month:



Solar Plexus Chakra –

Color – Yellow

Sound – Ram

Element – Fire

Glands – Pancreas, Adrenal

Keywords – “I can”

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located between the naval area, just below the rib cage. It represents power, vitality, will-power, self esteem, and confidence.

The energy center where your emotions and feelings are recorded, this chakra is associated with clairsentience (inner feeling), which is a major psychic reception area.

To balance this chakra, you may want to try yoga, dance and movement, or breath work with color. In addition, be aware of people who drain your energy. Workshops and classes that focus on empowerment will help you open and harmonize this area.


The End of the Month:


Solitude – Stop! Your soul is calling out and needs to be honored and heard. The answers you seek aren’t necessarily found in the outer world. The time has come for you to step back and withdraw from outside commotion. The Solitude Card is a reminder of how important it is to pause, still the mind, meditate, reflect, reevaluate, and discover the wisdom and answers within the very soul of your being. When you become more aware of your soul and heart, you strengthen the link to the Divine Source; and you’re able to once again remember your true perfection. Meet your soul halfway and schedule some alone time to commune with your soul and also to give the power of the spirit the opportunity to reinvigorate you with life force and vitality.

Conserve your energy and deal with one thing at a time as you follow the prompts from within. When it comes to moments of quiet, inner solitude, it really isn’t about quantity; it’s the quality that counts. The soul constantly draws to itself what it needs in order to grow and learn. For example, during this period, someone may step into your life and by sharing his and her own experiences, you may receive helpful insight and wisdom into your own.





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