30 Positive Affirmations To Inspire Daily Mindfulness


  • I am energetic
  • I feel good consistently
  • My life flows easily and effortlessly towards more well being
  • Every day in every way I feel better and better
  • I am in alignment with my desires
  • I appreciate all the good things in my life
  • I am one with all that is
  • I am powerful
  • I am thriving
  • I am a vibrational match to my desires
  • I can always get to where I want to be
  • I am always moving towards what I want
  • By feeling good, I attract good things into my life
  • I am pure, positive energy
  • Something wonderful and exciting is always happening
  • I have ease and flow in my life
  • I have positive momentum
  • Abundance flows to me naturally
  • I prosper in everything I do
  • I accept abundance of wealth, health, happiness and love into my life
  • I am a money magnet
  • I attract money easily and effortlessly
  • My wealth is increasing every day
  • I am open to the flow of great abundance in all areas of my life
  • A stream of abundance flows generously to me
  • I allow the Universe to bring me abundance and joy
  • I appreciate everything I receive
  • I am balanced in mind, body, and spirit
  • I have perfect alignment with all that is
  • I am exactly where I should be




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